Where to go for inspiration? Fall TV shows, of course!

There are a million places to go for inspiration, and one of the most fun is other media, like television shows! We asked Leaguers what Fall TV shows they are most looking to watching and why. Take a look-- you just might find a great new show, or a incredible source of your own inspiration.

Meagan Spooner:

I'm looking forward to Galavant, the musical comedy fairy tale show coming out this fall from ABC. It looks like a crazy mix of Spamalot and Once Upon a Time, and I am super okay with that! The writing team behind it is fabulous, plus the composing talents of Alan Menken, who composed some of my all time favorite Disney musicals (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc.). The trailer's hilarious, and while I can't really tell if it's going to be absolutely amazing or absolutely awful, I'm not even really sure I care. I'm a fan of anything fairy tales, and fairy tales while singing and dancing? I'm in.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPNVhGbw_Sg

Lissa Price:

I'm interested in a new Fox show: Gotham, which is Commissioner Gordon before Batman. So it could include Bruce Wayne as a boy and maybe some favs like Catwoman. And of course I am waiting for the return of Walking Dead.

Mindy McGinnis:

I'm awaiting the return of The Walking Dead, because I like to make noises like an angry cat jumping out from behind a dark corner during tense scenes. I'm fun to watch TV with.

I'm also completely invested in Cinemax's new series The Knick. Victorian-era surgery and gaping flesh wounds? I'm in.

Beth Revis:

The new season of Doctor Who has just started, and I've loved seeing the new direction with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I'm a bit nervous to see where it's going, honestly, but it's one of my weekly highlights of anticipation.

I've also been watching the reboot of Sailor Moon online and LOVE it. And, finally, I'm totally digging this season of Project Runway and Face Off. Something about reality shows that show the creation of something unique really resonates with me.

Lydia Kang:

I'm also going to be watching The Knick too--so curious about turn of the century medicine! The gore doesn't bother me at all. Half the time, I'm wondering "what is that THINGY they're using in surgery?"

Also, I'm a little obsessed over American Ninja Warrior, but not for writing purposes. It's fun to theorize over which types of bodies do best for different human tasks--like conquering the Warped Wall!

Amie Kaufman

Dude, I saw my first episode of American Ninja Warrior recently and I am oddly hooked as well. Though I spend a lot of time yelling 'No, you'll hurt yourself!'

 I'm psyched for the new season of Haven -- I love everything about these series. It's a show about a small American town beset by 'troubles' -- curses and gifts that manifest in individuals, causing all kinds of havoc. It has fantastic storylines each week, super intense season-long arcs, and long, slow, smart character development to die for.

Bethany Hagen:

I'm excited for the new Constantine show on NBC.  I don't know if any mainstream production will be able to channel the sexy, violent atmosphere of the comics, but with a Shakespearean-trained actor at the lead and my old friend Harold Perrineau from Lost, I'm willing to give it a try.

Eugene Myers:
I'm already way behind on most of the shows I watch, so I don't take on new ones easily — plus, I don't like to get too attached in case they' get cancelled. But I'm excited to check out The Flash, even though I haven't yet seen any Arrow. The trailer was stunning and it just looks like fun, and I'm a fan of the 90's live action show. I'll probably also try Gotham and Constantine.

Peggy Eddleman:

As for me? I can't wait for Marvel's Agents of Shield. It kind of got off to a slow start last year, but then it picked up steam and by the end, my family and I were in love and completely addicted. I love all the action & adventure, and can't wait for more!

What shows are you excited for this fall?


Natalie Aguirre said...

Loved learning about some new TV shows. I just started The Knick. I'll have to check out Galavant.

Unknown said...

I'd forgotten about Gotham but I do think I'll give it a try. It did have a great trailer. I'm excited for Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy. Yes... that last one is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Oh, and Downton Abbey, whenever that's available in the U.S.A. But I'm most excited for the first two. And, well, Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix on October 1st, so even though I've seen every episode multiple times, I'm SUPER excited for it!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh! You guys picked all the good ones. If only GAME OF THRONES started this fall, instead of the spring, that would def get my vote.
For me, OUTLANDER has just rocked my world. I'm a mega-fan of the books, and I think they've done a VERY good job with the series.
I'm SOO gonna go back and catch up on "The Knick." I'm way into gaping wounds, so all kinds of hells yeah on that one.
And speaking of gaping wounds...A big old WOOT and a half for the upcoming season of WALKING DEAD!!
I'm all about blood, guts and ripping flesh. And with the horde now on the loose...let the feast commence.

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