Why Not A Drop to Drink should be your next read

On Tuesday, Mindy's editor tweeted a challenge. We were supposed to guess what Mindy sent to Harper to celebrate the release of NOT A DROP TO DRINK. Most guessed some sort of baked good (because that would be normal), but I've met Mindy, and I know that Mindy goes all in. I guessed "deer meat" (it is in the book, so not as weird of a guess as you might think) and the answer was "venison steaks" so close enough.

I tell this anecdote only to illustrate how dedicated Mindy is to the world that she's built in her debut novel. (And maybe to brag a bit for getting the right answer - ha!). A world where water is more precious than gold is brutal indeed and Lynn is absolutely a product of such an environment. Lynn is the type who shoots first and asks questions later, and after this novel, she shot to the top of my "survive the apocalypse dream team."

So yeah, if you enjoy strong female characters, you'll love NOT A DROP TO DRINK. But what makes the novel incredibly effective is Lynn slowly discovering the difference between merely surviving and really living. Mindy sets this up perfectly, introducing a rich family from the city who is not cut out to live in the wild. The way that Lynn builds a relationship with them is a thing of beauty.

I am generally not a crier, but Mindy made me care so much about these characters, I was a sobbing mess by the end.  And that's why NOT A DROP TO DRINK gets the Zombie Chicken Merit Badge for writing as well as a place on my favorites shelf. (See index of all my dystopian reviews on my personal blog Presenting Lenore)

And now - who wants a venison steak?

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