The 12th Doctor

It won't come as much of surprise that us Leaguers are huge Doctor Who fans. So of course we were all glued to our TV sets last Sunday as the BBC revealed who would be playing the 12th Doctor.

So after a bit of this:

And a lot of this:

The moment finally arrived, huzzah! Peter Capaldi is our new Doctor!!!

Now we've had a few days to get over our excitement and digest the news, here are our initial thoughts on number 12...


“I'll admit, I was hoping the creative team would be a little more daring with this Doctor, a little edgier. I would love to see a woman Doctor (other than the 13th Doctor as played by Joanna Lumley in Moffat's parody Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death) or a black Doctor. But in all honesty, casting the role older this time is a bit bold — though it's not as if they could have gone much younger, could they? Having seen Peter Capaldi perform in Torchwood: Children of Earth, Doctor Who, and Neverwhere, I'm satisfied that he has the talent to play the role and put his own unique spin on it. And hearing that he was once a major fan boy of the show is even more encouraging! Personally, I came to Doctor Who via the classic series when I was in high school. (My favorite Doctors are Tom Baker and Peter Davison, my favorite companion is Sarah Jane Smith.) So I'm not worried about a man in his mid-fifties taking control of the TARDIS, and in fact I'm pleased to see it return to its roots for this year's 50th anniversary. Allons-y!”


“I like the new doctor. He's smart, has depth. But rather not see a love subplot with Clara please.”


“I admit that I would have liked to see a woman or person of color as the next Doctor.  Science fiction is a playground of diversity, and if any show can have a not-white, not-male lead, it's Doctor Who.  That being said, I also immensely trust Steven Moffat--both with Doctor Who and Sherlock; if Steven Moffat thinks Peter Capaldi is the right fit for the doctor, then I believe him.  I also recognize that with the last few doctors, I've experienced some profound resistance (Christopher Eccleston can't be a the Doctor, he's a bad guy!  David Tennant is too twitchy!  Matt Smith is too young!) and then have been won over completely by their second or third episode.  And the same will happen with Peter Capaldi.”


“I think it's a great idea to have a slightly older (he's not decrepit by any means!) Doctor--mainly because I'm a little burnt out of the "I'm in love with the Doctor" theme that's been running lately. My favorite season so far has been the one with Donna specifically because the plot focused so much on the plot rather than the romance. I'd love something funny, something adventurous...

One thing I'd love to see is one final episode with River Song, where she has to work with the new, older Doctor. Just one last time for her to say goodbye.”


"I'm always sad when there's a regeneration, because it feels like that doctor dies.  Yeah, I know, I know, he regenerates, but let's face it, each new doctor has his own personality and quirks.  I'm sure I'll love 12 just as I've loved each of the others, but just like having a second child or making a new friend or adding another man to the harem, it will be a different love."


"I don't think anyone was surprised when Peter Capaldi walked onto the set, but I'm pleased with the choice...although I had secretly hoped it would be a woman! There's something David Tennant-y about Peter Capaldi, which is exciting as number 10 is my favorite doctor. I can't wait to see what he brings to the character."

What are your thoughts on the new Doctor? Do you like the fact he's an older doctor? Would you preferred a bolder choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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