Support Angie Simbert's THE MEME PLAGUE launch by donating to Feed America!

You might know that this week marks the release of the third book in the Memento Nora series by the League's very own Angie Simbert, but did you know how Angie is celebrating The Meme Plague's release? By encouraging readers to donate to Feeding America! More on that awesomeness in a moment, but first--- here's a little more info about the books.

This remarkable dystopian series features a world where a group of teens heads underground to fight a system that suppresses independent thought via the Therapeutic Forgetting Clinic, an organization that erases reality and replaces it with phony memories. The Meme Plague continues the series from Micah's point of view, and takes us down the rabbit hole of intrusive government, paranoia, and how to fight an enemy that can change your past at the drop of a hat.

Angie's charity drive for Feeding America ties in really well with her books, because in both the Forgetting Curve (book two) and the Meme Plague (book three), Micah does community service at a food bank. Since he and his mother lived in a homeless village, they know what it's like to have an empty stomach and depend on hand-outs to get by.

Not only that, but Feeding America is a cause near and dear to Angie's heart. When I asked her about her experience with the charity, here's what she had to say:

"A few summers ago--when I was writing book 2--I volunteered at the local Feeding America. I sorted donations from grocery stores and various food drives. And I've always been really impressed with the organization. They take the nonperishable food that might otherwise be thrown out because it's got dings or might be close to its expiration date, and they make sure it gets into the hands of the people who need it. And most of us are one or two major emergencies away from needing their services."

Contribute to Angie's food drive by donating to Feeding America today! According to her donation page, every $1 you donate helps provide up to EIGHT meals to people served by the Feeding America network. ONE DOLLAR--that's all! Angie says, "I hope you'll agree: by coming together, we can help end hunger in America. Give as much as you can -- every bit counts!"

Go to Angie's Feed America donation page here to learn more about donating

And any of these places to buy The Meme Plague.
And enter here for a chance to win the entire trilogy! 

We are so excited (for all of us readers and for Angie) that the final book in the series has released. Congratulations, Angie!

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