UFOs - what do you think?

Apparently August was a busy month for UFO sightings.


And - there have been recent discussions on the internet about whether aliens would be friendly or just come to enslave and/or eat us all. (I bet we taste like chicken.)

Of course, there have been numerous books & films made on both sides of the fence... some of my favs are:

The Brother from Another Planet

And, my personal favorite,
Men in Black

I have to admit, I did not personally spot any UFOs in my star-gazing this past August. But, what about you? Ever seen a UFO? Or ever wanted to see one?


Ava Jae said...

I haven't seen one, but there's often a misconception that UFO = alien when really a UFO is just something that can't be identified in the sky. Not necessarily alien (could be a satellite for all we know or something like that).

E. Arroyo said...

My brother and his friend swore they saw a UFO over Chicago in the summer. I can't remember if it was in August. He said it was so low he was able to see it clearly. Some freaky stuff.

Charlie said...

I've seen some objects in my refrigerator I can't identify. :)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Lol! Charlie made me laugh... I'm not sure whether to believe that or not... It could be classified military projects. I don't believe that there would b another species that could destroy us--I believe we're a doing a great job of that on our own. ;)


Julia Karr said...

Ava - I love watching for the space station to pass over our area - definitely an event!

E. Arroyo - I think Chicago was where I was sure I saw my first UFO! Hmmm...

Charlie - I think some of the objects in the back of my fridge are alien by now! lol!

Elizabeth - sad, but true!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!