Tell Me a Ghost Story

Actually, this is from Lexington's
ghost tour.

This weekend some friends and I are going on a Ghost Tour of Roanoke. I've been on touristy ghost tours of places like the French Quarter, and I happen to be watching Ghost Hunters as I type this. I'm a huge skeptic but still utterly fascinated with the subject of ghosts. I think 90+% of paranormal phenomenon can be explained in terms of things like electromagnetic sensitivity or infrasound (vibrations below our ability to hear) or overactive imaginations. However, there's that 10% (give or take) of the yet unexplained that gives me pause. 

Have any of you had experiences with ghosts? I haven't, so I want to live vicariously through you. ;)


Josin L. McQuein said...

We've got one of the "most haunted" sites in Texas nearby - a catfish plantation (restaurant) in Waxahachie.

It's amazing how amiable the ghosts are, when you consider they only pop up in approved places and never do anything to disrupt business. If a person didn't know better, they'd think the whole thing was scripted. ;-)

Alexandra Shostak said...

Consider me a skeptic. I live in a place that was featured on the scariest places on earth, yet I've never seen a ghost. Maybe it's because I've always kept my eye out, and what fun would a ghost be that showed itself to people who actually LOOKED for it?

Wen Baragrey said...

I've seen several of them and lived in a few haunted places -- one very haunted place. It's one of those things that is only awesome looking back on it, believe me.

J.C. Martin said...

I've never experienced any paranormal activity, but my mother is prone to night terrors, especially when sleeping somewhere unfamiliar. Once, she had a particularly bad episode in a hotel room. Said someone lifted her off the bed. She could see my dad sleeping beside her but couldn't call out for help. She even felt her attacker's arms: muscular and hairy. Turns out that a construction worker had died in an accident during the building of the hotel -- whether he died in that room, or if he had hairy arms, we never established, but it was sufficient to spook my mom.

As for me, I suppose if you want to dream about a scary ghost, it'll have to have strong hairy arms, no? Rather than slim and scrawny, with manicured nails? Yes, so I'm an unbeliever until something convinces me. So scare me. ;)

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Cherie Reich said...

I would love to go on a ghost tour. I have visited a couple supposedly haunted sites. One did have an energy about it, but I can't say I saw anything. I do think our basement was haunted by my grandmother for a little while. One time I was going to get something from there, and it sounded like someone was riding an exercise bike. No one was awake except me. I didn't go down to investigate. I just closed the door and forgot about getting a soda.

Becky Mushko said...

Haven't seen one (that I know of), but I have smelled the perfume of one who died in the 1880s at The Grove in Rocky Mount. I've gotten several pictures with orbs, too.

On the Franklin County Ghost Tour several years ago, I photographed an orb at the feet of one of the re-enactors where the overall factory fire occurred. I was on the first tour bus; a person following the last bus got the same orb—at the head of the re-enactor.

E.R. King said...

My house was haunted when I first moved into it. The lights would turn on in the kitchen while I was walking by (it's a turn knob light, which makes it more creepy), and my husbands alarm clock would turn on in the middle of the night without the alarm being set.
As I don't believe in ghosts, but demons, we did a cleansing and got rid of the pesky visitor. I can't have demons in my house, now can I?