Getting Closer to Cy of Lydia Kang's CONTROL

As you can see from my review, I found so much to love about Control. One of the reasons it's so enjoyable is the character of Cy. Let's take a closer look at what makes him so fascinating via excerpts from the novel.

First impression

At first, all I see is tattoos. The tallest person, a guy, leans against a big dining table in the center of a sparsely furnished room. He’s dressed in ash-colored clothes and is blanketed with ink. Black swirls, bodies in motion, scythes and hellfire twist together on his arms, neck, and half his face. A black ring hangs on his lower lip, while his ears are pierced with chunky black bars. Under a headful of closely cut, brownish-black hair, his eyes stare at me coldly.
Not exactly the warmest reception, but you can already tell that this guy has a story. And that it's going to be worth it to stick around and find out what it is.

Hint of attraction?

“Here, take it.” He hands his shirt back to me, which is now damp from his sweat and smeared with chalk. He’s making a clear effort to keep his eyes away from my body, as if he actually wants to see me in my underwear, but is being polite.
Up to this point, Cy has been nothing but rude to Zelia. Might he be warming to her? I think so!

Protective mode activated!

Cy opens my door and I shimmy closer to Wilbert. There’s no avoiding Cy now. His lean body squishes up against mine, leg to leg, hip to hip. In fact, there’s no room for our arms side by side, so I hunch forward to clasp my hands together. 
Cy never goes outside, but he joins the gang on a night out at a club to keep Zelia safe. And Zelia might or might not experience something thrilling together (I'll let you discover it for yourself).

 Looks good in the morning

Cy walks in as I say this, rumpled and gorgeous in what must be his pajamas. A loose white T-shirt hangs off his angled shoulders and a pair of drawstring pants barely hang on to his hips. Yesterday’s tattoo mask is completely gone and his skin is uninked as yet. His face looks softer, kinder.
 Need I say more?

Okay, so maybe the quotes I chose make me sound a bit shallow, but I swear there's more to Cy than surly hotness. He is smart, loyal, and has some deep dark secrets to discover during the course of the narrative.



Penelope Sanchez said...
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Penelope Sanchez said...

This book is amazing the time and detail that Lydia Kang but into not just telling a thrilling story but also making sure that she is true to the explanation of Ondine's curse is amazing. Kang took a unknown rare disease , and not just made it known but made the character that has it strong and independent (like all children/and adults who have this disease are) . I enjoyed this fast paced thrilling Sci fi that left me begging for more.

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